Day of Departure – From Seattle, WA to Beijing, CHina


My flight is about 2hours late. Instead of boarding at 8:25pm, I will probably board around 10:25pm. ): In the meanwhile, I got my first Chinese money!!

This is five 100Yuan = $97

$97 of 100 Yuans

Five 100 Yuan = $97

Hmm. .. I still have about 2 more hours of wait. I think I will write my 1-2page reflective paper due before class. I think I will arrive at my hotel near 1am or so. Then I have to wake up and go to school before 8am that same day. I`m going to be tired???

Ahh. ..Stress.

❤ 小雪


Study Abroad in China Summer 2012

Hi !

This June 16, I will go to Beijing, China and study abroad at Peking University. I hope to have time to post my experiences here.

❤ Xiaoxue

Happy New Year 2012 ! 新年快樂![Xīnnián kuàilè!]

大家好!Dàjiā hǎo!

It is year of the dragon ! (: Bye-Bye year of the rabbit. You were quite cruel to me. ..aren’t you suppose to be my lucky year? Maybe I am not a good rabbit. ) =
I wonder if this year will be better. It seems harder.

To My one and only,

One year has passed. ..& I still think of you. I do not love you the same anymore, but I love you much more than I ever did.

I hope you don’t forget the days that we spent together. Remember how much I loved you.
I hope you don’t forget the days we spent apart. That was when I loved you the most.

I do not think I can stop thinking about you. ..ever. I will not forget the good and bad times. I will always remember you and our time. I hope you feel the same way. Everyday that I miss you. ..will just be another reminder that I need to continue on so that maybe one day I can see you again. Even if we can only be friends, I do not want any less. I only want to see your smile and feel your embrace.

I will not ask why things ended up the way they did. All I care about is you. I hope I will make you proud someday. I will learn Cantonese. I will learn Mandarin. I will visit San Francisco. I will visit Hong Kong. I will keep going. you will always know that somewhere out there, there is always someone thinking of you. No one will love you more than I do. Don’t be sad & take care.
110387 ❤ 061685

I want to tell you. ..Happy New Year. (=

your one and only,


._ .’


大家 你好

Chinese 101 class is picking up a little slow. I finish all of my assignments the first 5 min of class…

Mobile pics of me on the first day of school today.
My face is yellow……+ purple jacket? Must be the husky blood in me! hehe ❤

happy face for chinese class? xD


Fall’11 Qtr. – What am I up to?!

I don’t want summer to end!! I’m spending my last few days of summer cleaning my room and playing games with my friends (Dead Island & Counter-Strike: Source) while it lasts. I’ve also been good at going to the gym 3x a week (: Thanks to my supportive gym buddies!!

My classes this quarter are listed under the ” Life@School ” page. They are all very interesting, but seems difficult at the same time. My entrepreneur class has a lot of field work and I have to choose whether to work from scratch on creating my own small business or to work closely with a local small business. All of which is scary to me!!!!

I’m going back to learn my basics in Mandarin Chinese by taking the first year course this quarter for Non-Heritage. loL… I had to stress that -_- ! Hopefully this time around I will understand how to formulate a sentence and understand sentence structure more. That will help me a lot when doing my homework and trying to speak!

The Chinese textbook/workbook/audio we’re using this quarter is:
Integrated Chinese: Level 1, Part 1 (Simplified Character) Textbook (Chinese Edition) by Tao-Chung Yao
other books:
Remembering Simplified Hanzi: Book 1, How Not to Forget the Meaning and Writing of Chinese Characters by James W. Heisig and Timothy W. Richardson

I’ll be busy aside from finding time for the gym and gaming a few hours at night. I think I will also purchase a Master Grade – Gundam Unicorn model to build since I love building the first Gundam Model that I got as a gift.

bayB StrawberRY

Summer Qtr Ended Today!

Summer school is finally over and I survived Intensive Chinese – Heritage . My summer finally begins until Fall qtr starts on September 26 or something.

I’ll post more later tonight. .. ~^.^